Customizable Recovery Strategies

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Every business has different needs and National Service Bureau has different recovery strategies to meet those unique requirements.


Our Key To Success: Efficient and Ethical Recovery

Our agents are all highly trained to ensure a firm but fair (and compliant) hand with your customers.

We provide ongoing training to keep all our agents performing at their best for our Clients. At the end of the day, we know most people are honest and willing to pay their bills. Sometimes they just need a little help figuring it out.

NSB’s assertive but friendly approach keeps our collection rates higher than industry average while allowing you to maintain a positive relationship with your customers.

With thousands of happy clients, our results speak for themselves.



Skip Tracing

Information is the key to our success, and it begins with comprehensive skip tracing.  The more information we gather, the more funds we can recover for you.   

NSB has developed a wide variety of tools and approaches to gather data from various places.  Our proven processes strategically utilize technology and the power of AI to research deeper than our competitors and produce more comprehensive results.  

Our propriety scoring model compiles skip trace data and assess collectability on each file and provides a recovery rating.  This rating is shared with our clients to help determine next steps and ensures the proper workflow strategy is built from day one for each file.

Letter Services

When partnering with NSB, tailored strategies can be created to dictate the number, frequency, urgency, and tone of letters can be tailored to suit your specific needs.   

NSB can provide letter services as part of a wholistic approach in conjunction with other strategies or as a stand-alone service.  All outbound written communication is reviewed by legal counsel to ensure compliance per state and federal regulations.  

Credit Reporting

When working with commercial entities or consumers, it’s not always necessary, but credit reporting creates an additional leverage point for recovery.  NSB reports to the top three commercial and consumer Credit Reporting agencies and our team monitors, updates and tracks the process to ensure timely and accurate reporting and compliance.  


Litigation Management

NSB views litigation is a last resort.  No one wants it to come to this, but when it does, our Clients maintain control by approving legal action on a case-by-case basis.  We only move forward at the approval of our clients.  

When the possibility of litigation becomes evident, NSB reviews the details with our Clients, including our assessment of collectability, and we help guide our Clients to the best strategy of recovery for them.  

When approved by the Client, NSB taps into our nationwide established legal network to begin the litigation process.  Our legal network is managed, and accountable, through our documented work standards.  Clients can review the status of each case through our Client Portal, ensuring transparency throughout the process.  

Let NSB take the worry out of your recovery management!

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