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National Service Bureau team members are Subject Matter Experts when it comes to 1st Party, 3rd Party and Subrogation collections. Our mission is to minimize your write-offs by maximizing your recoveries through ethical debt recovery and exceptional customer service.



About NSB


As a global family-owned and operated business since 1986, National Service Bureau has deep roots in the collections industry, specializing in 1st party collections, 3rd party collections and subrogation. NSB has been a trusted partner for Clients across various industries and has organically built a reputation for ethical debt recovery and exceptional customer service. Our portfolio includes thousands of satisfied commercial, consumer and major insurance carrier clients, ensuring NSB has the experience and expertise to meet your unique Recovery Management needs.
Our industry-leading processes and dedication compliance have been recognized with the SOC 2, Type II certification, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of security, confidentiality, and quality control. Our commitment to process-driven solutions and a Client-first approach ensures we can meet your scalability needs and exceed expectations.
At NSB, we understand that every client has unique needs, and we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our services to meet those needs. We are committed to delivering exceptional value, building long-term relationships, and helping Clients achieve their strategic growth objectives. NSB will blend with your brand and proudly represent your organization in a professional manner while Turning Your Receivables Into Revenue.

Our Core Values

Be Engaged

We bring our own internal motivation to work daily that drives us in everything we do.

Think First

When we understand how our words and actions affect others, we can then act with empathy and professionalism, resulting in successful outcomes for all.

Be Respectful

We grant respect from the very first day to everyone – employees, co-workers, clients, vendors, and consumers. In return, this brings out the very best that others have to give and benefits us all.

Be Accountable

We take responsibility and are accountable for every action we take.

Follow Through

We do what we say we’re going to do.


Our Team

With an average tenure of 20+ years, NSB’s leadership team has the experience to foresee potential issues, and the business acumen to deescalate and resolve concerns at the lower levels.

As a service provider, NSB understands that our most valuable resource is our people. Diversity is a key component of the NSB team. We have team members from different industries, backgrounds, and varying levels of experience. This diversity allows for different perspectives to be shared, and our positive culture allows everyone to find common ground. We believe in providing an inclusive and supportive workplace environment for all our employees.


Our Culture

Building a positive culture doesn’t just happen. Our culture was built by design with one mantra in mind: If we get it right with our team, they’ll get it right with our Clients!

To promote our positive culture and continue our employee retention success, NSB offers continuous training and growth opportunities. We believe that investing in our employees' professional development is crucial to their success and, ultimately, our success as a company. We also offer a mentorship program that has had proven success in cultivating leadership and management skills in our team members.

Customer Service and Professionalism

We act as an extension of our Client’s team and take pride in protecting their reputation through superior customer service and professionalism in every interaction.  Our collectors are required to graduate from our comprehensive training program that emphasizes professionalism, customer service, and de-escalation techniques before having any contact with customers.

Additionally, our Quality Assurance team’s ongoing auditing practices ensure that our team represents your organization in a professional manner. 

Supplier Diversity

NSB is committed to workforce diversity through our inclusive hiring practices and company culture.  Our Supplier Diversity program ensures that NSB seeks out and engages with diverse suppliers and vendors who can provide quality services and products that meet our Client’s high standards.  NSB believes that supplier diversity programs benefit everyone involved; by partnering with diverse suppliers, NSB has access to a wider range of innovative ideas, products, and services. These partnerships foster a more collaborative and inclusive business environment, allowing NSB to better serve its Clients and stakeholders.

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Industry Associations

NSB consistently monitors business trends and actively participates in numerous industry events to ensure we’re on the leading edge of best practices relating to collections and credit management.

We are particularly proud of our Commercial Collection Agencies of America (CCAoA) certification, as it demonstrates our dedication to maintaining high standards of professionalism and excellence in the industry. The certification process involves rigorous documentation requirements and a challenging application process, which underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients. NSB is 1 of only 35 organizations that has been approved and certified by CCAoA.

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