Expand Your Back Office Without Hiring More Staff


Outsourcing with National Service Bureau for 1st party collection services allows your organization the ability to grow while reallocating staff and resources to other functions within revenue cycle management. Our staff acts as an extension of your team by mirroring the day-to-day tasks to service and maintain positive relationships with your customers.


Our Clients leverage our people, processes, and technology.

NSB customizes and builds workflow and account strategies based on the individual Client needs. Whether you’re looking to outsource one seat or an entire department, our Clients leverage our people, processes, and technology to resolve past due accounts.

Clients who leverage NSBs first party services can redirect their energy and resources, while NSB carries the burden of resolving your past due accounts.

As your collections partner, NSB is laser-focused on your account resolution.


“NSB has been an added value to my company since we started using their 1st party collection services.  In a time where finding staff is difficult, we opted to use NSB which worked in concert with my team to implement the best recovery strategies.  The addition of NSBs services has allowed my company to grow in other business-related areas.” 

– Craig J., Nationally Recognized Credit Union

How this works

Your revenue cycle works like a well-oiled machine but comes to a screeching halt when it comes to your past due receivables.

Contact NSB to learn how we can support your team’s back-office functions, shorten your revenue cycle, and increase recoveries.

Many organizations understand the benefits of outsourcing, but don’t want an unknown entity representing them.

NSB removes the risk of damaging your reputation by providing comprehensive, ongoing training to our Recovery Specialists and completing thorough auditing to ensure professionalism

Account Collectability-1

The longer you wait to outsource a past due account, the less collectible it becomes.

*This study was conducted by the Commercial Collection Agencies of America (CCAoA), a third-party auditing and ethical standards organization.  Members must pass a rigorous vetting process and quarterly audits to ensure consistency.  

Of the 7,000+ agencies in the US, NSB is proud to be 1 of only 35 agencies that is certified by CCAoA.



Set-up with NSB is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Get paid the money your organization rightfully deserves!

Number 1


Upload documentation through NSB’s secure online Client Portal.
Number 2

Sit Back

Sit back, relax, and let the NSB Revenue Specialist get to work on your accounts. 
Number 3

Access NSB's Client Portal

Access NSB's Client Portal 24/7/365 for real-time reports and to monitor our team's progress. 

NSB has recovered millions of dollars owed to our Clients.


Leverage our people, processes, and technology

to resolve your past due accounts.